Share Tips - News, Analysis & Hot Stocks

No matter what the market’s doing, there will always be good and bad stocks. Our analysts apply a mix of fundamental and technical research to identify the best opportunities for medium to longer term investors and those running self managed super funds.

Ultimately our aim is to find companies that are undervalued. We start the process by looking at what’s happening globally to work out which sectors of the market are likely to outperform. Then we look for the most appealing stocks. We assess individual companies and calculate our best estimates of what the stock is worth based on forecasts of the companies’ earnings and cash flows. This process involves analysing a wide range of factors that affect the company.

We typically have around 20-30 stocks in our portfolio, so we can afford to scour the market, be picky and invest in only the very best opportunities.

See below some of the hottest stocks to buy and sell on the S&P/ASX 200 and which stocks to watch.

Share to buy: Nanosonics (NAN)

December quarter sales were up 41% on the prior quarter, as North American direct sales gained momentum. The company’s move into the US market seems to be paying off, with gross margins improving significantly. The next driver of share price could be publication of decontamination guidelines in the UK and Scotland favourable to Nanosonic products.

Share to buy – Whitehaven Coal (WHC)

Until recently, we’ve viewed a lack of market confidence as mis-pricing WHC. Over the journey, the company has maintained an earnings margin average of $13/t but it appears the market has been factoring in the future coal price and giving management little benefit for being able to sustain its margins, despite its track record. The

Share to buy – APN Outdoor Media (APO)

  The evolution of Billboards from static to digital has presented significant growth opportunities for APO. The company, since IPO (Nov 2014), has secured both existing Static Billboards as well as development options to develop Digital Billboards. Given the ability to modify advertising on-demand using sophisticated yield management techniques for digital formats, the potential revenue

Share to buy – Rio Tinto (RIO)

Since bottoming out near $38 in December, iron ore has rallied to presently be trading above $48. Overnight, the bulk commodity jumped 3%. The bounce in iron ore, unsurprisingly, has coincided with a bounce in Rio Tinto which has completed a basing pattern and now appears poised to push higher. We are looking for a