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  • No matter what the market’s doing, there will always be good and bad stocks. Our analysts apply a mix of fundamental and technical research to identify the best opportunities for medium to longer term investors and those running self managed super funds.

    Ultimately our aim is to find companies that are undervalued. We start the process by looking at what’s happening globally to work out which sectors of the market are likely to outperform. Then we look for the most appealing stocks. We assess individual companies and calculate our best estimates of what the stock is worth based on forecasts of the companies’ earnings and cash flows. This process involves analysing a wide range of factors that affect the company.

    We typically have around 20-30 stocks in our portfolio, so we can afford to scour the market, be picky and invest in only the very best opportunities.

    See below some of the hottest stocks to buy and sell on the S&P/ASX 200 and which stocks to watch.

    Share to sell – Woolworths (WOW)

    Woolworths’ recent results were weak and the company is under significant pressure from competitors. The underlying grocery business saw margin decline while Big W and Masters were weaker than expected. The results were the worst for the supermarket and retail giant since 2012. Things aren’t likely to pick up anytime soon either, with Aldi recently

    Share to sell – Crown Resorts (CWN)

    Since topping our around $16 in February, Crown has really struggled and is presently trading near $11. Macau continues to weigh on the stock, while pressure on VIP remains. The Melco JV has been the primary cause of volatility and caution prevails regarding Macau because of China’s macroeconomic environment. Technically, we’re seeing everything that we

    Share to buy – Challenger Financial (CGF)

    Challenger’s recent results were strong, coming in ahead of expectations. We believe the stock to be good value, given a strong organic growth profile in an otherwise fully valued sector. Furthermore, the outlook for the Life Division is attractive, while the funds management operations continue to expand. It appears that a solid base has been

    Share to Buy – Qantas (QAN)

    Qantas reports tomorrow and is on track to chalk up their largest annual profit since 2008. We are expecting a strong result which could push the share price significantly higher. Earlier in the week, Sydney Airport agreed to buy terminal 3 at Sydney Airport off QAN, for $535 million. In return for Sydney Airport buying

    Share to sell – Oz Minerals (OZL)

    A recommendation to sell OZL is based primarily on the weakening gold price. Gold price forecasts have been slashed across the board, by between eight and 14%. This has been done to reflect expected US rate rises and lacklustre demand. Technically, OZL is in a downtrend, having sold off from $5.10 in May to presently

    Share to buy – Westfield (WFD)

    Westfield has added five new assets to its flagship portfolio, it was revealed at the recent quarterly update. Portfolio metrics are generally healthy, with sales and rents up, albeit occupancy and rent per sqm have slipped. Ongoing positives are the potential for a restructure, material apartment earnings, and exposure to a lower Aussie dollar. Technically,

    Share to sell – WorleyParsons

    Back in May WorleyParsons suggested second half FY15 earnings would be flat on the first half. At the March quarter update the company noted revenues were holding up but margins were under pressure. A lack of recent awards and project sanctions leaves the FY16 earnings picture as opaque. The company can generate cash in a

    Share to buy – Macquarie Group (MQG)

    Activity trends for MQG were positive in the recent quarter and the group should benefit from a medium-term positive earnings upgrade cycle. Optimism about MQG’s upcoming results has been gaining momentum of late, with the investment bank likely to benefit from further growth in FUM, volatility in financial markets and a lower AUDUSD. MQG will

    Share to buy – Premier Investments

    On March 5th our Head of Research Chris Conway appeared on Sky Business and placed a BUY rating on Premier Investments (PMV), citing the company’s optimisation strategy and growth in its Peter Alexander and Smiggle brands as potential highlights ahead of the company reporting. On March 23rd Premier reported, delivering a 9% increase in half-year

    Share to Buy – Seek Limited (SEK)

    In November last year, SEK reaffirmed guidance for 2015, expecting strong domestic online employment business as well as solid growth internationally. SEK’s positive structural growth story being continues to be complemented by domestic cyclical momentum. The recent ANZ jobs ads numbers were supportive, with the widely-watched series rising 1.3% in January, and now 10% higher