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Exceptional Performance

Nov 2014 - Nov 2016

Our short-term focused Trading Report returned 30.03%, outperforming the ASX/200 Accumulation Index by 6.45%*

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Aussie 200

*Performance is derived from recommendations provided by Australian Stock Report’s Trading Report, opened on or after date of acquisition in Nov 2014
*Return figures are gross returns and do not take into account fees or brokerage costs.
*Returns are calculated based on a $50,000 hypothetical portfolio, risking 2% of the overall portfolio balance ($1,000) as a starting point for each trade.
*Due to slippage and gapping, losses can sometimes exceed $1,000 on an individual trade.
*Opening and closing prices for trades (and therefore the prices used for determining aggregate profit/loss) will be those published on the Australian Stock Report website and will be determined by the price at which they could realistically be executed in the market at the time the recommendation is published.
*ASX 200 Accumulation Index Return is calculated based upon the price of the index at the start of the session on the day the first ASX 200 trade was placed, i.e. 24.11.2015

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