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Top 3 Income ASX Stocks to Buy in 2024

EVERYONE is looking for HIGH YIELDING income stocks, however it is important to remember ONLY TO BUY companies that can continue to grow their EARNINGS PER SHARE, otherwise the nice shiny Income can come at the expense of PRECIOUS capital.

Lofty inflation is putting more pressure on our wallets every day, Where do aussie investors turn to for the income they depend on?

Experienced long-term investors know that high-yield defensive income stocks are staples in any portfolio but where is the market heading in 2024 and which stocks should you be buying?

Our research team scan the market for the BEST Income Stocks on the ASX that in the long run could help you increase your income and better support your lifestyle.

These companies are what we call “Quality Yield” businesses. They are forecasting increasing earnings per share AND dividends per share allowing them to better pay out their dividends despite the current economic environment. 

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Our goal is to provide retail investors with easy to understand buy, hold and sell recommendations. We know our members aren’t traders, but one or two of the right changes to their portfolio can mean the difference between making money and losing money. That is what we can help with.

Tim Montague-Jones

2016 Lonsec Fund Manager of the Year