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Australian Stock Report distributes a range of research reports and software tools from our partners suited for both active short-term and passive long-term traders. 

Ready-to-invest thematic portfolios

Not sure where to invest? Our experienced investment committee have done the research for you and built 24 share portfolios we call Vues. 

What is a Vue?

A Vue provides fast and easy access to some of the world's biggest trends and most innovative companies. With Vues, you get exposure to a specific industry, trend, theme or investment style through a concentrated portfolio of 10 professionally-selected shares. Vues remove the complexity of researching and selecting which shares to buy, helping you to quickly and easily access the world’s biggest and most innovative companies.



  • Expert Research
    Vues and their underlying shares are selected by an investment committee with more than 50 years combined experience in global equity markets.

  • Ongoing monitoring
    Vues are monitored daily and a comprehensive review takes place every three months. Investors are notified of any recommended portfolio changes
  • Control and transparency
    As the beneficial owner of the shares you know exactly what you're invested in, and can take an active approach to trade size and timing.
  • Concentrated
    Unlike most ETFs, Vues are concentrated share portfolios that aim to outperform industry benchmarks and indexes.
  • Cost-effective
    We charge a competitive research fee when investing in a Vue. There are no ongoing performance or administration fees.
for 12 months


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SAVE $300

Some thematic portfolios you can invest in

Big Oil
57.78% *
* as of 17/06/2024
High Quality
11.05% *
* as of 17/06/2024
Bank on it
-1.56% *
* as of 17/06/2024
Warren Buffett Top 10
12.28% *
* as of 17/06/2024
Silver Haired Economy
11.3% *
* as of 17/06/2024
Intl. High Dividend
12.03% *
* as of 17/06/2024
5G Wireless Technology
4.55% *
* as of 17/06/2024
21.15% *
* as of 17/06/2024
ASR Wealth Advisers
Clay Carter
Head of Investment Committee
Clay's 30+ years of experience includes senior portfolio management roles at AMP, Legal and General Life of Australia, PM Capital, QBE Insurance and Perennial Investment Partners. He has developed alternative methods to traditional market analysis and portfolio management, was a key contributor to the Eureka Report, and regularly appears on CNBC Asia and Bloomberg TV.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been a member of the Australian Stock Report and Macrovue services for some 6 months and have to say how happy I am with the level of customer service and support that I have received from the team. They have been attentive, patient and extremely supportive and follow up any queries I have. I cannot fault the level of service I have received. The Halo and Macrovue tools are great to use as a resource to initially research stocks and review your portfolio on an ongoing basis. Overall I have absolutely no regrets having made the commitment to the services and use them now as my go to tools for investing purposes.


Doug C

Australian Stock Report Member

Loving Halo, share investment is my livelihood, couldn't do it without the forward forecasts and the analysts insights that I secure from Halo, the big plus it goes well beyond the ASX top 200 companies. I should put in a shout out for Mark in the support team, always willing to assist.


Peter S

Australian Stock Report Member

We’re here to help

Need to speak to someone about companies or investing? Our knowledgeable team is on hand to assist


How often are Vues reviewed and rebalanced

Vues are monitored daily and formally reviewed by our investment committee on a quarterly basis - unless market conditions are significant company announcement warrant a more urgent review. If the investment committee decides to rebalance a Vue by removing a share and replacing it with another, Vue holders will be notified by email. You have the option to follow through and implement the changes in your Vue but we do not automatically rebalance on your behalf.

How much should I invest in Vues?

We cannot provide you personal advice since we do not know your circumstances and are not licensed to do so.

However, we believe that investing in thematic Vues should be part of a broad investment strategy, where exposure to Vues gives your added diversification to your existing portfolio of assets.

Macrovue enables you to invest in portfolios of 10 shares each. Holding more shares reduces your risk relative to holding just a single company. This is because companies can operate in different parts across the value chain, in industries, and in different countries at different stages of the economic cycle. Each of these factors spreads out your risk so your portfolio becomes less sensitive to events in any one company, industry or geography.

The stock trading exchanges we work with may require a minimum trade amount, or minimum quantity per shares. When you purchase a Vue, we will tell you what the minimum amount required is.

How does investing in Vues compare to investing in ETFs or managed funds?
Unlike ETFs and managed funds, Vues give you full transparency and you can add/remove shares in a Vue. While we do recommend shares in Vues and provide regular updates to the recommendations, we do not manage your portfolio for you. You will always be in full control of your investment.

When you invest in Vues, you are the beneficial owner of the individual shares, unlike managed funds and ETFs. Hence you may also receive tax benefits since tax gains and losses are not shared with other investors in a pooled vehicle.
Also, unlike index tracking ETFs, we pick stocks that we believe are likely to outperform others with exposure to the theme.
How are Vues created?
Vues are designed around a theme using our in house team of investment experts that have extensive experience in financial markets with institutions such as AMP, Perennial, Legal & General, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Putnam Investments.

We also let users create and invest in their own Vues.
What is a Vue?
A Vue is a portfolio of professionally-selected shares that align to a specific market, industry, trend, theme or investment style.