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Australian Stock Report distributes a range of research reports and software tools from our partners suited for both active short-term and passive long-term traders. 


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International Investor Report

The International Investor Report is a weekly research report jam-packed with the latest international news, commentary, insights and trade ideas produced by Clay Carter and the Macrovue team. Each week subscribers to this report will receive the following: 
  • Trades of the Week: get Clay's best hand-selected trades for the upcoming week including expert commentary and analysis of some of the best companies around the world like TSLA, MSFT and GOOG.
  • Market Update: Get a comprehensive re-cap on the breaking news and events of the previous week and what you can expect in the week to come.  
  • VUES in Review: Learn about Macrovue's thematic portfolios made of 10 stock recommendations centered around a particular industry such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G Technology, Clean Technology and more.
  • BONUS: Subscribe to the International Investor Report and receive a complimentary copy of Macrovue's Guide to International Investing.
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Clay Carter
Head of the Investment Commitee
Clay Carter has over 30 years of experience within senior portfolio management roles across AMP, Legal and General Life of Australia, PM Capital, QBE Insurance and Perennial Investment Partners. He has developed alternative methods to traditional market analysis and portfolio management, was a key contributor to the Eureka Report, and regularly appears on CNBC Asia and Bloomberg TV. Clay is Macrovue’s Head of Investment Committee and is responsible for monitoring stocks daily to ensure optimal performance within each Vue. With Clay's expertise in the Global equity market we can bring you factual and insightful information that will help you continue to stay ahead of the game.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Incredible. Straight through trading on 23 stock exchanges in 7 currencies. Take their researched Vues which are currently smashing it or build your own. Suggest everyone who knows how to trade takes a look.


Steve H

Macrovue User

Have used over the last 12 months and really happy with the platform and service from the staff. Really impressed by Macrovue's willingness to adapt and improve the platform.


Gareth T

Macrovue User

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What is Macrovue?

Macrovue is the next-generation share trading and investment platform providing everyday investors with seamless and cost-competitive access to the world’s best companies, industries and trends. Whether you are a self-directed investor or a self-funded retiree, Macrovue’s intuitive, easy-to-use platform makes international investing simple, with access to over 20,000 shares and ETFs across 23 exchanges globally, including the ASX, and 25 ‘ready to invest’ thematic share portfolios (called Vues).

Macrovue’s themed share portfolios, Vues, are a unique offering designed to take the complexity out of investing in international shares, delivering global portfolio diversification and superior returns to investors. Vues are customisable portfolios of global stocks professionally constructed and regularly reviewed by industry experts, providing exposure to global trends, issues and investment styles.     


Macrovue is owned by leading FinTech HALO Technologies.

What are Vues?

Vues are thematic share portfolios providing fast and easy access to the trends, industries and companies changing the world. They are both concentrated and diversified.

Each portfolio is carefully curated by an investment committee with more than 60 years combined experience using a proprietary multi factor portfolio construction process

Underlying shares are monitored daily and reviewed quarterly by the experienced research team. Portfolios can be rebalanced with stocks which have out-performed replaced by stocks with strong future potential.

Beneficial ownership of shares provide enhanced control and ownership, whilst a model portfolio provides control of individual shares and total allocation.

What is the International Investor Report?

The International Investor Report is a research report product by Clay Carter and the Macrovue Research Team. Each week the International Investor Report will feature;

  • Breaking news and important updates global markets
  • Expert commentary and analysis of some of the best companies around the world like TSLA, MSFT, GOOG
  • Early investment opportunities for profit and income
  • Investment themes such as “AI”, “Clean Tech”, “5G Mobile” and more
  • Hand-selected trade ideas from Clay Carter and Macrovue Research Team.

This report comes complimentary with every Macrovue platform subscription but can be purchased on its own separate to the platform. 

Who produces the International Investor Report?

The International Investor Report is produced by Clay Carter and the Macrovue Research Team. Clay is the head of the Macrovue Investment Committee and has over 30 years of experience in senior portfolio management roles.

Is this product tax deductible?
Depending on your circumstances this product may be tax deductible. Please consult with your accountant or tax advisor to learn more.