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Want to improve the numbers? Then start with the words.

Tim Montague-Jones

Tim Montague-Jones has over 20 year investment management experience working in the financial markets. Previous experience includes a ten year stint at Morningstar as a Senior Equity Analyst/Portfolio Manager, founding the Morningstar Growth Portfolio and a founding member of their Investment Committee. Tim was also a Senior Equity Analyst for Macquarie Group and a member of the winning team to obtain the 2016 LONSEC Fund Manager of the Year award.

The Chief Economist of Glassdoor, Andrew Chamberlain, believes that remuneration is a relatively minor factor in worker satisfaction; falling well short of the two leading factors – culture and leadership. Glassdoor is one of world’s largest online job recruitment sites; famous for popularizing the posting of anonymous reviews of previous employers by its members.

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Based on a recent survey of 615,000 users, Chamberlain claims that remuneration accounts for only 9.8% to 12.8% of total satisfaction, depending on income level. In contrast, ‘senior leadership’ accounts for 20.4% to 22.8%, while ‘culture and values’ takes the flag with a 21.6% to 23.4% share.

Clearly, nothing is more important for job satisfaction than culture and leadership. Wherever you go and whatever you do, it always comes back to this. That’s a real challenge for any organisation. Culture is built over time and leadership skills must be learnt, often the hard way. Getting this right requires a deep understanding of people; what motivates them and how they interact. People are complex, so leadership is hard.

Agnes Kiatkowskis title is Head of Administration at ASR Wealth. It’s a broad role that involves far more than ensuring the stationery cupboard remains well stocked. Through client interactions, event management and co-ordination of capital raising activities, Agnes keeps the engine ticking over on a broad front. But to fully grasp the value that Agnes brings to her role, you need to learn something about her background. 

When Agnes first arrived in Australia from Poland as a teenager, the thing that struck her most was the diversity of the people. Back in Poland, everyone looked the same, spoke the same language, and shared the same collective history. Her curiosity sparked a life-long interest in understanding people led her to a university degree in sociology. 

Yes, human beings are complex, and leadership is hard. But a sincere commitment to understanding people better is where all effective leadership begins. It may well be the only effective foundation on which to build a corporate culture that is both personally satisfying for employees, and profitable for the business.




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