ASRW launches revolutionary Text-to-Trade service

ASRW’s Text-to-Trade (T2T) service provides you with an opportunity to participate in daily trade ideas generated by our experienced analysts from your phone.

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Our service merges our expertise in delivering stock recommendations and the convenience of taking up these opportunities simply by responding to a text.

An investor following our recommendations from the period between November 2014 –  July 2017 would have achieved a 34.75% return.

How the T2T process works:

  • Trade Idea Generated
    Our analysts use an array of price patterns and indicators to uncover stocks, commodities, indices and foreign exchange pairs that present trading opportunities where the profit potential is larger than the size of the potential loss.

  • Text Message Sent to Clients
    Given the ever changing market conditions, trade recommendations are considered ‘live’ for a period of 15 minutes (give or take 2 minutes).

  • Enter Your Trade by Responding “Yes”
    If one of the T2T trade recommendations makes sense to you, you simply have to respond “Yes” to the T2T text within 15 minutes. It’s that easy!

Quite simply, we are ecstatic with the feedback from our clients. The launch of T2T was in direct response to our client's request for greater convenience and shorter response time. Our investment in R&D for the T2T is part of a larger tech roll-out that we look forward to announcing to the market throughout 2017.

Matthew Roberts
Managing Director

Introducing ASRW’s revolutionary Text-to-Trade service


*The risks of using this type of financial product must be carefully considered. *


Participate in daily trade ideas from the convenience of your phone. Register your interest for further details.

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