Live Data Trading Workshop Learn from two of Australia’s best traders

  • Day 1 – 27 April 2017 9:00am – 5:30pm
  • Day 2 – 28 April 2017 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Australian Stock Report’s Live Data Trading Workshop is a unique event, where you will learn from two of Australia’s best traders – ASR Head of Research, Chris Conway and best-selling author and personal trading coach Stuart McPhee.


Stuart McPhee – Live Data Trading Workshop

What makes the workshop unique is that it is not just theoretical, like a lot of other events. The strategies that are taught will be traded in real time, providing for a deeper understanding of the content and learning experience. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at how they use their fundamental and technical tools to beat the markets.
If you are serious about improving your performance in financial markets, Stuart and Chris sincerely hope to see you there.

You'll learn:

  • Proprietary trading systems for use on stocks, currencies, indices and commodities.
  • How to trade live markets as you are guided through the whole decision making process.
  • How to come up with a short list of trading opportunities and which candidates have a high probability of success based on your entry and exit rules.
  • How to incorporate vital risk management rules for whichever strategies you implement.

Who is this event for?

  • Those looking to get started in the market, who want to receive more guidance.
  • Traders looking to gain a behind-the-scenes look at how fundamental and technical tools can be used to beat the markets.
  • Self-directed investors who are looking to validate their own investment choices with experts.



  • Stuart McPhee

    Stuart McPhee

    Stuart is a private trader, best-selling author and personal trading coach. Stuart has consulted to major financial services companies in Australia and throughout South East Asia. Given his 20 years of experience as a trader, he is one of Australia’s most compelling speakers on trading.

    Professional Trader and Author

  • Chris Conway

    Chris Conway

    Through personal study, accredited learning and time in the industry, Chris has developed a well-rounded skill set for analysing many types of financial instruments, including equities, indices, currencies, and commodities. Chris has been recognised as one of the top stock pickers in the country over the past two years, finishing 3rd in 2015 and 2nd in 2016 in the Stock Picker of the Year Award, as judged by the Australian Stockbrokers Foundation.

    Australian Stock Report
    Chief Market and Trading Strategist

Event details

  • Day 1 – 27 April 2017 9:00am – 5:30pm

    Day 2 – 28 April 2017 12:00pm – 10:00pm

  • Clifftons Training Venue, Level 1, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

    The event will be held at a dedicated training venue in the major city of your state and be equipped with all necessary computers and AV equipment. Whilst attendees can bring their own device (laptop/tablet), it is recommended that the venue’s computers be used.

  • The entire workshop will be fully catered;

    Attendees can expect morning tea and afternoon tea, as well as lunch on day 1, whilst afternoon tea and dinner will be provided on day 2

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Attending this seminar will also provide you with unprecedented access to two of Australia’s best traders. Don’t miss out on this unique learning opportunity to make a difference to your financial future.