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Imagine having clarity over your portfolio. Clarity in knowing which stocks are strong income earners and which are positioned for capital growth. HALO will help you simplify your investment decisions, allowing you to take control of your investment portfolio once and for all.


HALO is your complete investment solution, whether beginner, intermediate or expert. Our research solution provides investors with a wide array of tools and resources to make more informed and confident share market decisions.

Discover the powerful features within our revolution research platform.

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Investment Success through HALO

  • HALO contains extensive research on ASX-listed companies. Quickly and effortlessly analyse the true fundamental quality of these stocks.

  • Designed by Fund Managers, the research platform provides a great environment for our members to effortlessly construct, manage and optimise their share portfolio as well as run pre-selected fundamental scans on ASX-listed companies.

  • Take advantage of market trends and insights. Invest with confidence, make informed decisions and enjoy the outstanding functionality of the HALO platform.

More and more investors want to take direct control of their portfolios, but they may not have the proper tools and resources to do the analysis to support their investment decisions. HALO provides a powerful research platform which enables investors to both analyse companies as well as their portfolio with all the critical metrics they need.

Nicolas Bryon
Fund Manager

What you can expect from the HALO platform

  • Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis

    Halo allows clients to upload and enter in their existing holdings to gauge and compare how their portfolio measures up against the ASX and a myriad of other benchmarks.

  • Powerful Pre-Built Market Scans

    Our pre-built scans are used by professional fund managers to quickly identify investing and trading opportunities, in particular; growth or income yielding stocks.

  • Latest market news

    Keep up to date with the latest company news, announcements and events on the Australian and Stock Markets.

  • Exceptional Functionality

    HALO brings unparalleled productivity with 1-click functionality at the heart of the system. Take control of your investment portfolio with HALO's advanced portfolio management dashboard. Its web-based investment research so you can access your opportunities from anywhere.

  • Leading Market Insights

    The rich analytical tools to take you beyond a simple discussion of companies and portfolios and takes you into a world of rich and bespoke analysis to help you make informed investment decisions.

Discover the powerful features within our revolutionary research platform

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