Victor M

Many thanks to the team at ASR.

As I am only a beginner in this game, I had a lot of questions to ask. I appreciated the understanding and patience they had with me.

Although I hesitated from the start, I’m glad I made the move to buy the Report.

My first three trades were a success.

In three weeks I have made enough money to pay for the Report twice over.

I find the Reports very easy to follow. Keep up the great work.


Suzana B

I’ve always wanted to be a trader, but afraid to take that first step.

With the support of the team at Australian Stock Report, I have gained the knowledge and necessary skills through their analysis and guidance, to understand the market.

Steven G

Dear ASR Team,

Hey, Im very pleased with the reports. I have been following closely and found that the reports are very encouraging.

Indeed, these reports help me to make a wise selection of good stocks.

Thank you very much and I hope your team will continue to improve the services as well as the qualities.


Sheila N

I’m a new user to your service and so far, am very pleased with the Report. I have no time to do the research myself and am happy that you take care of this part. But the best part is having the stop loss figure there in front of me. All I have to do is spend a few minutes each evening updating my ‘buy and sell’ sms messages to keep up with your recommendations.

Keep up the good work guys.

Robert H

Hi ASR Team,

Let me congratulate you on the excellence of your trade-suggestions. I have been with ASR for 3 years and each year has been a huge improvement on the previous one.



Hello there

I’d like to thank all the team at ASR for their excellent work:

I’m grinning, ear to ear!

Well done ASR!!!!!!!!

Richard R

Thanks so much for the helpful walkthrough and introduction to trading this week. You and your team at ASR couldn’t have made the reports simpler to understand. Hopefully your teams advice will see me gain the upper hand in this unsteady market. Thank you!

Penny W

To: Australian Stock Report

I am a new subscriber to your Report and I am very impressed with the professional manner in which you deliver your report and sms messages. I like the way the Reports start with a Trading Focus Tutorial each day. They are easy to read and absorb and not too long. Also it is good to get fundamental analysis together with technical analysis of a company. I have had a couple of good trades so far and look forward to many more.

Mary J

The New Report is fantastic. Even if I don’t buy the shares you recommend that day I find the education side of it very helpful. I always save the Report every day and spend time reading it and sometimes print out the Trading Lesson page if I think it is especially useful. So thanks a lot for a great Report.


Leone Y

Since signing up for the report I have been encouraged by the results. The joining fee has already been recouped inside three weeks! The report has given me confidence to buy, as many of the suggestions have mirrored stocks I have been watching. As a small trader it is great to have the cheaper stocks researched and posted as possible buys. My knowledge and understanding of the market is being enhanced by the clear explanations of terms and methodologies in the daily trading focus. I look forward to a long and profitable association with the Australian Stock Report.

katherine L

Hi I am new to the ASR and have been treading carefully. I invested through my Self Managed Super Fund. I am extremely happy with the return after fees.

The profit more than covers all costs joining ASR.

Well done guys
Thank you

Jock B

In this life I have made a few good decisions and many more not so good ones.

One of the best decisions was signing up with you guys. Have I made a profit? You bet I have. Cheers

Jack D


I started trading with ASR just 3 months ago and so far have more than recovered my initial investment.

I have tried various investment programs during the last 2 years all offering great rewards, however, the rewards seem to go in one direction only, to the promoters of the schemes.

I lost a considerable amount of money in my quest for an improved lifestyle which certainly did nothing for my confidence, and the worry of shrinking superannuation funds played on my mind as well.

Now I am pleased I joined the Australian Stock Report, it worked and the assistance you provide is first class.

I can certainly recommend the program to anyone looking for trading opportunities even in today’s gloomy market conditions.

Well Done!!

Ian B

To the members of Australian Stock Report

As a recent subscriber I just want to thank you for the very informative information contained in the report. My first trade entered using your guidance resulted in a profit which more than covered the initial cost of the report. Since then two more trades have have also resulted in a profit. Three Trades…Three profits. Keep up the good work.

Hugh T


I have only been with you for a day. I decided to enter a trade late as I did not receive the alert – but got the trade off the website. I closed the position that afternoon. This has paid for the subscription and some

Thanks for the idea – I look forward to many more.

Graham K

Hi Guys,

I have been away for a week and your trade recommendations have been excellent. Well done.

The bank vault is about to break!!!


Eugene M

Dear Australian Stock Report Team,

I would like to commend you all on your business of advising and commenting on the stock market and individual Equities, Options and so on.

It is very reassuring chatting to you all about your opinions and even when I was still in a position that had been closed, ASR contacted me out of their own to advise what the market was doing and I was able to make a decision from there. Thanks ASR!

I also look forward to the Report each evening and the daily lessons as this reaffirms my trading strategies and ideas. Keep it up guys and I like the new layout on the open and closed positions.

Yours Sincerely

David G

Dear Sir/Madam.

What a great report, best thing I have ever done was to join up for your report. You tell it how it is,you dont pull any punches, I like that.

I was never one to join up for the likes of your report but so glad that I did. I made alot, and I mean alot, more money than it cost me.

Just love it, I look forward to reading your report three times a day, sad thing is, what do I do on weekends?

Dale C


Please pass on my thanks to the team for the last GBP/USD Trade.

It was my first trade since I purchased the subscription (I got it ages agobut have been travelling). I’m sure we might have a couple of small losses in the future, but as they say – some small losses, but BIG gains!  But this last trade was exceptional considering the limited trades and volatility at the moment.I also wholeheartedly agree on not trading Australian stocks at the moment, especially in volatile moments like now.

Who cares if we don’t trade for a few days/weeks, right?

Anyway, I’m very happy with the service, PATIENCE, and knowledgeable aspects of the reports. Please pass it on!!!

Spread the word!!!

Warm regards,

Celia Z

Dear ASR,

Just a quick word to thank you, and the team there at ASR, for saving my home, 4 horses and grandchildren’s 4 ponies, from the foreclosure that was hanging over my head two months ago!!

THANK YOU for persevering and convincing this sceptic to give it a try!!

And THANK YOU to all the team at ASR for your wonderfully patient help to get me to understand what seemed then like another language, but now seems so simple and straightforward!! You guys took on a computer illiterate and gave me the tools to succeed.

This month, thanks to you I have paid all my outstanding bills, paid my mortgage, and still have double my initial trading dollars in the IG account…. all from your help and advice…..


Yours Very Happily

Bryce A

To whom it may concern

I received your trial version of the Australian Stock report last week and was very impressed with the layout and the way in which you explained in detail your recommendations. I decided to buy Gold on your recommendation from your trial report and was impressed by an immediate return. I have since purchased your report and look forward to many profitable trades.


Bill P

Hi guys

I wanted to place on record my vote of confidence in ASR’s report service.

I have been a member of ASR for about 4 weeks, and I need no further convincing that you offer a first class service.  By the way, keeping a sense of humour with the content of the reports goes down well… and comments such as adherence to a trading system is invaluable…even for experienced traders.  Also when I have phoned up a few times, a couple of the guys have helped me with understanding the overseas trades, in terms of how the risk is calculated…and thanks for that as well.

Keep up the excellent work!!


Aaron W

Hi ASR, Just thought I would give a quick hello and to say I appreciate your daily report with the lessons….well done. I hope other members use the lessons to extend their knowledge as well.

I think a lot of people tend to get lazy and not further their knowledge….but they are being fools to themselves without doing so they will have no idea what they are doing and simply will be relying on people such as yourself.

Thanks again ASR and lets go slay those dragons.