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ASX Materials Shares News: OneSteel Ltd (OST)

OneSteel Ltd (ASX:OST) is an Australian manufacturer of steel and finished steel products and a leading metal distributor which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. OST, which was spun out of BHP in October 2000, markets products used in the construction, manufacturing, housing, mining and agricultural industries. OneSteel announced today that it will write-down

ASX Materials Stocks News: Orica Ltd (ORI)

Orica Ltd (ASX:ORI) is a leading manufacturer of industrial & specialty chemicals, agricultural chemicals & fertilisers, commercial explosives & mining chemicals, paints & other consumer products in Australasia. Orica has four broad business groups – Mining Services, Fertilisers, Chemicals and Consumer Products. ORI is a truly multinational company, with operations in over 40 countries. The

ASX Stocks to Watch: Aristocrat Leisure (ALL)

Aristocrat Leisure (ASX:ALL) develops, manufactures, and distributes gaming machines and systems in Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Asia Pacific, South Africa and Europe. ALL is the largest gaming machine company in Australia and the world’s second-largest slot machine maker. The company has been a basket case over the past few years amid weak consumer spending

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