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amcom logoAmcom Telecommunications Limited (AMM) is a fiber-based telecommunication service provider. AMM has three key business segments; Fibre, Business Services and Amnet.

The Fibre division provides a comprehensive range of high speed products to blue chip corporate clients, government agencies and other telecommunication providers through its own extensive fibre network in all main capital cities across Australia.

Business services offers voice services, data centre management and managed IT services. The Amnet division supplies a variety of communication products with the principal focus being broadband services.

1H13 Results

AMM has an extremely good track record when it comes to growing its earnings, and its 1H13 result was no different. The company recorded an underlying net profit of $10 million, a 20% increase on 1H12. The

Revenue over the year jumped 43% to $136 million, with the November 2011 acquisition of L7 solutions contributing $36.5 million. The uplift in earnings was due to strong organic sales growth from the group’s core data networks and expanded hosted and cloud services offerings.

The group is also showing the ability to increase its recurring revenue base, with the annuity streams of the business at $97 million at 31 December 2012, up from $90 million at June 2012.

AMM also paid an interim dividend of 2 cents a share, a 11% jump on the previous interim payment.

L7 Solutions and the Fibre business

The group acquired L7 Solutions in November of 2011, but is still unlocking many of the synergy benefits that it promised upon acquiring. FY13 will mark the first full year of L7 being integrated within the AMM business, and we expect further opportunities to emerge, especially as group moves into the cloud services space.

The group is expanding its Fibre network, and as it grows, economies of scale will seep through, as shown below by the decreasing capital expenditure per $1 of revenue created.


At the release of its 1H results, the company reiterated its FY13 underlying earnings guidance of at least 20% growth. We believe this forecast is achievable considering the company’s history of growing earnings by well over 20% year-on-year over the last 10 years.

As the company grows, its economies of scale benefits will begin to show in all areas, as it has already in the fibre division.

Given the group’s relatively small market share we believe that a combination of organic growth and acquisition based growth (L7 Solutions) will hold the company in good stead in the coming years.

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