Australian Mining Stocks News: Rio Tinto (RIO)

Australian Mining Stocks News: Rio Tinto (RIO)|ASX RIO|RIO SharesRio Tinto (ASX:RIO) is one of the world’s largest miners, mining and processing a wide range of metals and minerals including all the key base metals, precious metals, diamonds, iron ore and energy products.

The miner is widely considered among the blue chip stocks, and it is also among the biggest companies in the Australian share market.

Today, RIO announced the sale of up to 13 assets as it looks to restructure its aluminium division.

The sale would include Australian and European based refineries and smelters, with the sale likely to happen when the economic picture improves.

The sale would also allow RIO to focus on its tier one assets in an effort to drive improvements at the aluminium division.

RIO’s interest in six of the assets would be transferred to a new business, called Pacific Aluminium.

The other seven assets will continue to be managed by Rio Tinto Alcan until they are sold.

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