Why subscribe to a shares newsletter?

The financial markets are difficult places to navigate, so it’s no surprise that investors and traders look for help and guidance.

The question is, where do you go for this kind of help?

Increasingly, more traders and investors, experienced and beginner alike, are turning to investment newsletters for guidance. There are a number of reasons for subscribing to share newsletters. For new investors and traders, while books and training sessions can help you understand markets, nothing provides guidance, day-in and day-out, like a share newsletter. This is because share trading newsletters provide information about the current market situation, so you can apply the views of the market experts to your everyday trading.

Market conditions change, and for these reason, it is important to ensure you are receiving up-to-date information. Another advantage of finance newsletters is that they usually have far more resources to scan and analysis the market than an everyday investor does. A sharemarket newsletter has a team of analysts looking over the market full time – most of us are working from nine to five and finding the time for analysis is difficult! Additionally, many experienced traders and investors like to use finance newsletters as a sounding board or an ideas generator.

Many traders find that share newsletters provide them with new ideas that they might not have indentified otherwise!