Top Shares to Watch Biota (BTA)

Biota (BTA) is an Australian based, anti-infective drug development company.

The group specialises in the discovery and development of pharmaceuticals, focusing on research for the treatment of viral respiratory diseases, particularly influenza (flu).

Recently, BTA announced that Japan-based Daiichi Sankyo has received approval to manufacture and market its product, Inavir.

Inavir is an anti-viral drugs designed to treat or prevent influenza infections.

Under the agreement, BTA will receive a royalty on all sales in Japan, and both companies are now in talks to market Inavir to the rest of the world.

BTA will be one of the top shares to watch in coming months, as the market waits to see whether the group can successfully launch Inavir on a global scale.

BTA shares rocketed 17% on day of the announcement, making it one of the best performers on the Australian share market.