Australian Stock Report Launches Investors & Traders Expo

Australian Stock Report Investors Traders ExpoAustralian Stock Report is proud to launch its Investors & Traders Expo in 2011. The Investors and Traders Expo is a daylong, multi-speaker event hosted by Australian Stock Report covering topics including Technical & Fundamental Analysis, FX trading, CFDs, Options, Charting software and much more.

Taking place in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland the Investors & Traders Expo will be the best value and most informative event for investors and traders looking to maximise their returns from the financial markets in 2011.

Tickets to the Expo cost only $49 including lunch, morning tea and an Expo-pack containing over $500 of included value. Places are limited so it is essential that you reserve your seat now.

The Program

08:30 – Registration

09:00 – Welcome and Introduction

09:10 - The Science of the Markets (Part 1): Technical Analysis and FX Trading (more details below)

10:20 – Morning Tea (included)

10:45 – How to Profit Safely from the CFD Revolution (more details below)

12:00 – Practical Fundamental Analysis Techniques (more details below)

13:00 – Lunch (included)

14:00 – Key Note Speaker’s Presentation – Kel Butcher (more details below)

15:10 – Options as Part of a Comprehensive Investing Approach (more details below)

16:00 – The Science of the Markets (Part 2): Unleash the Power of MetaStock (more details below)

17:00 – Finish

The Science of the Markets (Part 1): Technical Analysis and FX Trading
presented by Carl Capolingua
, Head of Education Australian Stock Report

Technical analysis is the study of how security prices change over time on a chart. It is the preferred method of analysis for many professional traders allowing them to quickly, accurately and confidently analyse many securities in a very short space of time.

In this presentation Mr Capolingua describes what he calls “The Science of the Markets” and presents his unique view on what key technical analysis concepts must be mastered by investors before using this potentially very profitable approach on share and FX markets.

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How to Profit Safely from the CFD Revolution
Presented by Jason Andor, Associate Director IG Markets Australia

CFDs are the fastest growing financial services product in Australia. Thousands of investors and traders have flocked to this revolutionary tool for trading shares, indices, foreign exchange (forex, or FX) and commodities from the same platform and account.

Mr Andor will provide a broad overview of CFDs, their uses and benefits, and also their risks. He will also discuss new industry guidelines and their impact on investors in choosing the correct CFD provider.

In addition to the above, Mr Andor will provide a detailed ‘how to’ guide for the IG Markets award winning trading platform PureDeal. When used correctly PureDeal is a powerful tool for identifying potentially profitable trading opportunities and quickly and easily turning them into trades.

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Practical Fundamental Analysis Techniques
Presented by Geoff Saffer, Head of Research Australian Stock Report

Mr Saffer will guide delegates through the most practical and effective tools which they can use to gain an edge in the markets. You will learn how each fundamental technique can be applied in the Australian market and how to source the necessary information accurately and inexpensively.

In addition to the above, delegates will learn how to better utilise all of the information, resources, and tools within each of Australian Stock Report’s research offerings.

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Key Note Speaker’s Presentation – Kel Butcher
presented by Kel Butcher
, Professional Trader, Author, Trading Coach

As with any profession or business, trading requires learning and skill development, a plan, and lots of hard work to achieve success.

This presentation delves into the most common trading mistakes novice traders make and how to avoid them. Based upon Mr Butcher’s bestselling book, it will discuss the combined wisdom of Dr Van Tharp, David Hunt, Justine Pollard, Louise Bedford, Brett Steenbarger, Russell Sands, Davin Clarke, Ryan Jones, Wayne McDonell, Gary Stone, Christopher Tate, Jake Bernstein, Larry Williams, Glen Larson, Tom Scollon, Dr Harry Stanton, John Robertson and Jason Cunningham.

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Options as Part of a Comprehensive Investing Approach
presented by Luke Cummings
, Managing Director HC Securities

Options are the most used derivative instruments around the world by share traders looking to better minimise risk and increase returns over basic share trading. Unlike other derivative instruments such as CFDs, options allow investors to take advantage of not only rising and falling markets, but also range bound markets. It is this important distinction which allows options traders to have the ability to profit under all market conditions:

In this presentation Mr Cummings will dispel the myths of options trading versus CFD trading, outline the key benefits of options trading and why ALL investors should consider using options in their investing approach. Delegates will learn about a number of key strategies professional investors are using to improve their returns with options.

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The Science of the Markets (Part 2): Unleash the Power of MetaStock
presented by Carl Capolingua, Head of Education Australian Stock Report

MetaStock is the world’s leading investing and trading analysis software and is used by over 300,000 investors in 90 different countries to streamline and broaden their analysis.

In this presentation delegates will learn how to use MetaStock to identify the best trading opportunities from all over the world. In this informative and practical overview of the software you will learn how to use the Expert Adviser, The Explorer, The Enhanced System Tester, and the Fundamental Analyser. Live scans, explorations and simulations will be run on the current markets to demonstrate the power of MetaStock.

Australian Stock Report looks forward to seeing you at the expo of your choice. Click here to register now and reserve your seat to trading success.