Utilities Shares News APA Group (APA)

Utilities Shares News APA Group|ASX APA|APA StocksAPA Group (APA) is Australia’s largest natural gas infrastructure business, owning and/or operating more than $8 billion of gas transmission and distribution assets.

Its pipelines span every state and territory in mainland Australia, delivering more than 50% of the nation’s gas usage. Unique among its peers, APA has direct management and operational control over its assets and investments.

APA also holds minority interests in energy infrastructure enterprises including Envestra, SEA Gas Pipeline and Energy Infrastructure Investments (EII).

Gas volumes are growing at an average annual rate of 3.4% (compared with 1.4% for primary energy sources), driven by population growth, GDP growth and government policies encouraging lower carbon emissions.

The high level of mining activity operating in Australia is also a driver of increased gas demand and thus a boon for APA.

Investing in wind

APA shares fell heavily last week after completing a capital raising and going ex-dividend.

The company raised $300 million at $3.85 to help pay for a wind farm acquisition.

While the raising was only about 1.5% dilutive, the stock dropped as it went ex-dividend for a juicy 17.9 cents per unit.

APA closed the Friday session down 9.6% at $3.95.

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