Global Financial Crisis Strategic Review

Global Financial Crisis Strategic Review



Make the commitment to do something positive about your investments and attend the Australian Stock Report: Global Financial Crisis Strategic Review.

The unique strategic review is an intensive training session conducted by two professional traders designed to highlight the key components of the type of investing and trading approach required to successfully tackle the current market conditions.

Much like the dinosaurs in prehistoric times, investors who insist on sticking with the old ‘buy and hold’ approach today are faced with the unfortunate proposition of: Evolve or become financially extinct.

Those who are equipped with the knowledge to succeed in these markets aren’t losing money hand over fist, rather they are profiting safely from the volatility.

This is not another get rich quick seminar. Your presenters will show you how to first and foremost limit your losses, protect your portfolio, and then how to extract maximal profits out of the present volatility across a number of world markets.

Topics Include:
» Analysis of the Current Market Conditions (local & abroad)
» Building a Robust Investing Plan for the Current Markets & Into the Future
» Risk Protection Measures
» Portfolio Management
» Diversifying Your Investing Strategy Base
» Foreign Exchange & Commodities Trading

This strategic event is a bargin at only $29  for a single ticket, or $44 for a double! Included in this price is a light lunch and a copy of Kel Butcher’s latest book Forex Made Simple, valued at $27.95!

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