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Share to buy: Nanosonics (NAN)

December quarter sales were up 41% on the prior quarter, as North American direct sales gained momentum. The company’s move into the US market seems to be paying off, with gross margins improving significantly. The next driver of share price could be publication of decontamination guidelines in the UK and Scotland favourable to Nanosonic products.

Share to buy – Whitehaven Coal (WHC)

Until recently, we’ve viewed a lack of market confidence as mis-pricing WHC. Over the journey, the company has maintained an earnings margin average of $13/t but it appears the market has been factoring in the future coal price and giving management little benefit for being able to sustain its margins, despite its track record. The

Share to buy – Computershare (CPU)

Computershare maintained FY16 guidance and provided greater clarity around cost savings and gearing targets at its recent AGM. We see the company responding to market feedback and this suggests a more communicative stance in the months ahead. With a rise in the Fed funds rate around the corner, which would be a positive for CPU,

Share to buy – QANTAS (QAN)

The stars appear to be aligning for Qantas once again. We expect FY earnings to be up in the order of 20-25%, with the company poised to make a record profit, underpinned by low oil prices. On that front, whilst oil prices have been stronger of late, Saudi Arabia recently made deep reductions to the