Australian Stock Report Launches the Speculative Report

Australian Stock Report Launches the Speculative Report
Australian Stock Report is pround to launch our Speculative Report. The Spec Report hopes to uncover the best hidden gems the Australian market has to offer.

Small-cap stocks tend to deliver higher returns than blue chips over the long-run, a reflection that higher risk investments often provide higher returns.

As small stocks don’t attract as much attention as stocks like the big banks, BHP or Telstra there is greater opportunities to find undervalued or mispriced companies.

If you invest in small-caps without conducting proper research, then you might as well be throwing darts at the proverbial dartboard.

Investing in small-caps can be highly rewarding and lucrative to those well-informed investors who have put in the effort, sifting through a lot of earth to find the next diamond in the rough.

Our Speculative Report is your gateway to finding the next big thing to supercharge your investment returns.

Included in the Speculative Report:

» Movers & Shakers – our unique day-trading scan will show active traders which speculative stocks are the hottest, three times a day!

» Speccy Round-up – includes the latest market news and themes and updates on the report’s recommendations

» The Next Big Thing – including a summary of the market, small-cap space, detailed coverage of the hottest sectors and stocks

» Specific Recommendations – we will tell you which stocks to buy, when to buy them and what price to pay

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As a special introductory offer subscribe to the Speculative Report for 12 months before 23/12/2011 and receive  a FREE bonus 3 months!