Australian Shares News: Qantas Airways Limited (QAN)

Australian Shares News: Qantas Airways (QAN)|ASX QAN StocksQantas Airways Limited (ASX:QAN) is one of the world’s leading airlines and an Australian icon.

On top of its standard domestic and international flights, QAN also owns budget airline Jetstar, regional airline QantasLink and related travel businesses Qantas Flight Catering.

Although some still consider QAN as a blue chip stock, its huge share price fall since the GFC has taken away a lot of its lustre.

Today, QAN said it would plan to ground additional aircraft due to the ongoing strikes.

The group will ground two Boeing 767s, resulting in the loss of 20,000 seats.  The total hit to capacity has now reached 88,000 seats.

Qantas has not ruled further grounding of aircraft in response to the strikes.

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