Mid-Week Wrap up: Job Ad Recovery

In recent years, the total number of jobs advertised in Australia has been steadily declining. Although Australia escaped the worst of the GFC, the number of job ads recently hit their lowest since the initial post-GFC period in early 2009. The ongoing decline in job ads was no doubt a function of Australia’s slowing economic

Weekly Market Wrap: Week in Review

The Aussie market enjoyed solid gains last week, with the ASX 200 putting on 1% over the five sessions. Banking stocks were amongst the best performers, with traders and investors buying them up ahead of upcoming dividend payments. BHP also stood out, both for it’s appreciating share price and its plans to divest up to

Weekly Market Wrap- Copper to Shine

Copper has been battered from pillar to post in 2014. The red metal has long been considered a growth commodity given its widespread industrial usage. China’s roaring economy was a key driver of copper demand during the 2000s, but with the nation’s growth slowing in recent years, prices have been hampered by weaker demand. Price

Weekly Market Wrap: Wheat Soars

In addition to dominating the news headlines over the past month, the crisis in Ukraine has had a major impact on commodity markets. The Crimean population overwhelmingly voted to secede from Ukraine and become part of the Russian Federation almost two weeks ago. Western nations, led by the US, voiced their anger at the vote,

Weekly Market Wrap: Fed Takes a Hike

Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, took the wind out of the market’s sails overnight, following the latest US central bank meeting. US stocks were treading water for most of last night’s session, but collapsed late after Yellen signalled the Fed may soon raise interest rates. The actual Fed statement contained no major surprises. The central

Weekly Market Wrap: Russia Roils Markets

Last week was notable for the volatility associated with the geopolitical turmoil in Ukraine. How did this small country’s internal strife come to be to such a big issue for markets? In today’s editorial we will provide some background on the turmoil in the Black Sea and assess what kind of impact it had on

Weekly Market Wrap: Citigroup Surprise Index Collapse

Citigroup Surprise Index Collapse After its less-than-impressive start to the year, the S&P500 has recovered nicely and is once again trading at all-time highs. The recovery has largely occurred amid fading concerns over emerging market currency volatility. But just how convincing has this recovery actually been? Ideally, sharemarket gains should coincide with improving economic data

Weekly Market Wrap: ‘Tis The Earnings Season

The Australian earnings season is now well and truly underway, with a number of companies having reported either their half-year 2014 (1H14) or full-year 2013 (FY13) results. In today’s editorial we will take a quick look at the reporting season, and assess whether it has been a success in the eyes of the market. Raw