Morning Market Update: Fed Drives Market

Overnight, US markets bounced back from their recent sell-off as investors reacted positively to the latest Fed meeting minutes. Markets suffered a rude shock last month when Fed boss, Janet Yellen, signalled the first US interest rate rise would occur in mid-2015. However the minutes for March’s Fed meeting, indicated officials were in no rush

Weekly Market Wrap: Fed Takes a Hike

Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, took the wind out of the market’s sails overnight, following the latest US central bank meeting. US stocks were treading water for most of last night’s session, but collapsed late after Yellen signalled the Fed may soon raise interest rates. The actual Fed statement contained no major surprises. The central

Morning Market Update: Syrian Tension Weighs On Markets

Global stocks plunged overnight as investors flocked to safety amid looming military action in Syria led by president Barrack Obama. The U.S., France and Britain stepped closer to a military strike against Syria, laying the legal groundwork to justify action, moving forces into place and rounding up allies in the region. As a result, European

CFD Report Performance FY12-13

Over the past year financial year, from July 1st 2012 to June 30th 2013, the CFD Report outperformed the market in eight of the 12 months. Throughout the year we traded 96 times, recording 62 winners, 33 losers and 1 breakeven trade for an overall strike rate of 65%. Month by Month Breakdown CFD Report

Morning Market Update: Rock Start Ahead

Global markets were smashed on Friday night, with big losses recorded on both sides of the Atlantic. European stocks fell to a four-week low, paring a 12th consecutive month of gains for the Stoxx 600 Index. In London, the FTSE 100 dropped 74 points (-1.1%) to close at 6583 while the German DAX shed 51

Trading And Your Moods

Can you think of a time when you’ve been in the same mood all day? If you can, this was probably an abnormal day. Over the course of most days, our moods go up and down. We may wake up feeling refreshed or tired; we may go into lunch feeling hungry or distracted; we may

Guide To Investing Beware Of Groupthink

In today’s guide to investing we discuss Groupthink, a concept developed by social psychologist Irving Janis in 1972. The term refers to the phenomenon whereby a group will make faulty decisions, because group pressures lead to declines in mental efficiency, reality testing and moral judgments. In other words, groupthink occurs when groups tend to make

Improving Your Trades Through Rational Choice

Modern economics makes an assumption for both social and economic behaviour, and that is that all individuals will choose the best course of action based on the stable preferences and limitations facing them. This is known as “rational choice theory”. Individuals will choose as rationally as possible based on the information made available to them.

Gold Losing Its Shine

For a very long time, the price of gold did nothing but go up.  After all, gold is considered by many to be the ultimate safe-haven asset in times of economic uncertainty. However recent history suggests gold may be losing its shine.  From a record high of US$1921 an ounce in early September 2011, the

Morning Market Update: Roller Coaster Ride

The rollercoaster ride continued overnight, with investors struggling through a third straight session of volatility, as weak economic data from Europe and disappointing earnings reports in the U.S. prompted a pullback in stocks, the euro and oil prices. European stocks declined for a fourth session, with the benchmark Stoxx Europe 600 Index falling to its