What’s Hot & Whats Not In The Share Market For 2013

Are you wanting to find out first hand from our panel of professional traders and analysts which stocks are set to sizzle and which could fizzle in 2103?

This half-day forum will deliver the best information you’ll find anywhere for investing in the share market. In addition to this you’ll also enjoy complimentary refreshments and post-event drinks and canapés plus a FREE book – Futures made simple (RRP$29.95), by professional trader and panellist Kel Butcher. Regardless of whether you are an experienced investor or a complete novice this event will be the smartest and most prosperous way to start the New Year.

Participants in our last What’s Hot, What’s Not Forum were provided with a number of investing tips which have proven to be extremely rewarding, see for yourself below.

RecommendationRecommendation DateEntry PriceLast Price (19/12/12)Return
IRILong (Buy)17-Feb 2012$0.65$1.35+107.7%
JINLong (Buy)7-May 2012$1.35$2.50+85.2%
LYCShort (Sell)17-Feb 2012$1.22$0.58+52.3%
IINLong (Buy)17-Feb 2012$3.07$4.55+48.2%
MTULong (Buy)7-May 2012$3.08$4.17+35.4%

Our team are constantly identifying stocks with big potential, so we’re sending them on the road to show you which stocks are set to sizzle and those set to fizzle. Our team will cover topics that include;

Global macroeconomics review:our panel will tell you what’s in store for the Australian market in the first half of 2013, which sectors will take advantage of the current global economic conditions and which sectors to avoid.
The ‘HOT’ stocks:we reveal our analysis and research showing the stocks we believe are set to sizzle in 2013.
The ‘NOT’ stocks:we take you through our rationale and research showing you which stocks in your portfolio to give the flick in 2013.
Audience Q&A:was a stock you’re interested in not covered? Ask our panel what they think. They will give their raw and uncut honest opinions, backed by years of experience, research and analysis.
Beyond Stocks:a guide to FX, Commodity, and Index Trading: a special keynote address from Kel Butcher – Author, Professional Trader, Trading Coach.

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