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For over 10 years we have provided quality, unbiased and independent financial market research, guidance, education and solutions to our members. Our team of market analysts and traders have been assembled based upon their considerable knowledge, accredited education, real-time market experience and, perhaps most importantly, ability to help those interested in learning more about financial markets.

What our clients say

David G

What a great report! The best thing I have ever done was to join up for your report. You tell it how it is - you don't pull any punches. I like that. I was never one to join the likes of your report, but so glad that I did.
I made a lot- and I mean a lot - more money than it cost me. Just love it. I look forward to reading your report three times a day. The sad thing is - what do I do on weekends?

Leone Y

Since signing up for the report I have been encouraged by the results. The joining fee has already been recouped inside three weeks! The report has given me confidence to buy, as many of the suggestions have mirrored stocks I have been watching. As a small trader it is great to have the cheaper stocks researched and posted as possible buys.
My knowledge and understanding of the market is being enhanced by the clear explanations of terms and methodologies in the daily trading focus. I look forward to a long and profitable association with the Australian Stock Report.

Victor M

Many thanks to the team at ASR.
As I am only a beginner in this game, I had a lot of questions to ask. I appreciated the understanding and patience they had with me. Although I hesitated from the start, I'm glad I made the move to buy the Report.
My first three trades were a success. In three weeks I have made enough money to pay for the Report twice over. I find the Reports very easy to follow. Keep up the great work.

Sheila N

I'm a new user to your service and so far, am very pleased with the Report. I have no time to do the research myself and am happy that you take care of this part. But the best part is having the stop loss figure there in front of me. All I have to do is spend a few minutes each evening updating my 'buy and sell' sms messages to keep up with your recommendations.
Keep up the good work guys.

Richard R

Thanks so much for the helpful walkthrough and introduction to trading this week. You and your team at ASR couldn't have made the reports simpler to understand. Hopefully your teams advice will see me gain the upper hand in this unsteady market. Thank you!

Suzana B

I've always wanted to be a trader, but afraid to take that first step.
With the support of the team at Australian Stock Report, I have gained the knowledge and necessary skills through their education and guidance, to understand the market.